Registration Conditions

Select the fee type that fits you the most:


1st 100

12.900 CZK


First hundred registered participants, who pay immediately to the summit account, will receive 7.000,- CZK discount from the full Summit fee!



13.900 CZK


Very Early Birds participants, who register and pay to the summit account by November 30, 2016 will receive 6.000,- CZK discount from the full Summit fee!



14.900 CZK


Early Birds participants, who register and pay to the summit account by December 31, 2016 will receive 5.000,- CZK discount from the full Summit fee!



12.900 CZK


In the case of participation of 3 and more people from one company the fee for one participant for the whole Summit will be 12.900,- CZK (+VAT).



19.900 CZK


The fee for participation at the whole Summit.



9.900 CZK


Price for participation at the expert program of the February 1, 2017 for one participant.



12.900 CZK


Price for members of the Czech Confederation of Commerce and Tourism.





Speakers and panelists, journalists and representatives of partners upon prior agreement with organizers.



Only written cancellations from participants will be accepted.
If the registration is cancelled less than 1 hour before the conference starts or if the participant does not come without cancelling his registration, the cancellation fee will be 100% of the participation fee.

Book your accommodation directly in Clarion Congress Hotel Praque for a discount price for Summit participants. Cost of Single Room Standard is 1.650,- CZK/night (for 1 person). Cost of Double Room Standard is 1.950,- CZK/night (for 2 people). Cost of Single Room Executive is 2.480,- CZK/night (for 1 person). Cost for Double Room Executive is 2.780,- CZK/night (for 2 people). Participants will pay their accomodation individually directly at the hotel. Prices include breakfast and VAT. Cancellations of the accomodation can be sent free of charge by one week before the Summit, after that date the participant will have to pay the full cost of the booked accommodation.

Accommodation with a special discount for participants can be booked under this link. When in doubt, call the hotel reservation department: +420 211 131 118.

The fee covers:
- Conference materials
- Meals and refreshment specified in the conference program
- Participation at the Gala Evening on January 31, 2017 (except one day participation)

The fee does not cover:
- Cost of parking and accommodation


  1. Fill in the registration form specifying the character and range of your participation, your personal data and company information.
  2. After submitting your registration via e-mail you will receive an automatic PRELIMINARY confirmation that our system has recorded your registration.
  3. If you are a paying participant you will then receive advanced invoice via e-mail. At this moment your registration is BINDING.
  4. Participation fee specified in the advanced invoice must be paid till the date specified in the advanced invoice. The amount of participation fee is invoiced in CZK. If paid in other currency, the amount will be equal to the exchange rate on the date of conversion.
  5. If the participant does not come without cancelling his registration, the cancellation fee will be 100% of the participation fee.
  6. If the registration fee is sent 3 or less days before the conference it will be necessary to prove payment of the participation fee by displaying the written confirmation of the payment at the registration desk at the conference.
  7. The participation fee is to be paid via bank transfer. In urgent cases, for registrations sent 3 and less days before the conference it is possible to make payment at the registration desk at the conference, but only after prior telephone agreement.
  8. After receiving your payment we will send you a final invoice via mail.
  9. Please come to the conference early before the beginning of the program (in the time specified for participants’ registration in the program). At the registration desk you will receive your conference badge and other materials.
  10. Deadline for registration is January 16, 2017.


FAQ regarding registration

Q: When I learn that I am registered?
A: Immediately after registration you will get an automatic response about your successful registration. Within 24 hours later you will receive an advanced invoice by e-mail. After you are charged we will send you the final tax receipt by post to your postal address. You will also receive an email confirmation of the payment receipt and there can check the details that will be mentioned in the list of participants and on your conference badge.

Q: Is it possible to register for the group discounted price, if the participants are not directly from one company, but are members of a Retail Alliance?
A: Yes. For instance, all consumer co-operatives can be registered for the Group Discount price.

Q: Is it possible to reserve an accommodation via registration?
A: Yes, if the possibility of booking accommodation in the Congress Hotel is the part of the booking form. By confirming registration, you will get also confirmation on the reservation under specified accommodation conditions. Payment for accommodation can be however carried out only individually in the hotel on the spot.

Q: Can be one conference fee split between 2 people with the possibility to change participants during the 2 days? Or can we swap in the course of the day (morning/ afternoon)?
A: No. If you are interested in just one day, you can buy a one day access on the second day.

Q: If I am a speaker or a panellist, should I register?
A: Yes, it's better this way. You can choose the discussion section of your choice, and let us know whether you take part in the gala evening. You can also put down actual contact information (position in the company and that will be specified in the list of participants).

Q: I have two discounts I would like to use for my conference registration; can I use both of them?
A: No. We do not combine discounts. Please, choose the one that is better for you.

Q: What do I need to bring with me to the Conference?
A: If you are registered you need no tickets or other confirmation. You can just come to the registration counter on the spot, report your name, and you will receive the Conference materials and badge.

Q: What is the Dresscode?
A: Dresscode for both conference and evening dinner is business suit or equivalent attire.

Q: I am delayed; will I be allowed to enter the conference hall?
A: Yes. Conference registration is possible throughout the whole day, but in your own interest, rather come in time!


FAQ regarding payment

Q: What is covered by registration fee?
A: The fee includes participation in the conference in the desired range, always including the evening dinner, all meals during the conference, conference materials, and the possibility of access to the protected Web site zone with speeches after the event.

Q: Is it possible to pay just on the spot?
A: Yes, but only in emergency situations, and after the previous dial-up agreement with the conference secretariat. Anyway, you thus risk that you will not get to the discussion section of your interest.

Q: Do you accept credit card payment on the spot?
A: Yes, but only after the previous dial-up agreement with the conference secretariat.


FAQ regarding reservation of place, contact with other attendees

Q: Can I book a place in the conference hall?
A: No. During the conference just key speakers and VIP guests have a place reserved. And Platinum and Gold partners can reserve tables for the gala evening.

Q: Can I visit another discussion section than the one I have signed up?
A: Rather not. The capacity of sections is planned according the information from registration with a guaranteed ability to find a place to sit. If you decide to visit a different section, you run the risk of not having enough space in the appropriate conference room.


Questions regarding conference materials

Q: What do the Retail Summit Information files which I can receive in printed or digital form contain?
A: It is a conference file containig information about actual program, locating its parts in the congress center, annotations of presentations and discussion sections, description of accompanying events, list of participants and other useful information. In the past participants were receiving this in printed form only, this year we want to make it easier for those who prefer to download these information into a mobile application.

Q: Can I get the list of participants ahead?
A: No. Each attendee (with the exception of the largest partners) receives the list of participant only as a part of the conference materials at registration desk.

Q: Are the posts available in printed form before or during the Conference?
A: No. Conference posts that we have obtained consent with publishing, can be downloaded from the Web site after the conference.


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