About Retail Summit

March 28–30, 2023 Prague Congress Centre

Why are we doing it

We believe it makes sense: The value of personal contact is significantly growing in the digital age!

We enjoy it: It is a pleasure to create a unique Retail Summit atmosphere, where the key B2C market players gain new energy, build and consolidate relationships, take inspiration, or simply improve their mood.

We know how to do it: We have prepared 28 years of Retail Summit that is still growing – by quantity and quality. Last years event was attended always by more than thousand retailers and their suppliers. We are one of the three largest retail meetings in Europe.

What is the mission of Retail Summit?

  • To deliver a regular supply of informative and inspirational presentations by leading domestic and foreign entrepreneurs, managers and experts.

  • To promote intensive exchange of views and experience and mutual communication of retail market players – retailers and manufacturers, domestic and international companies, both brick and mortar and on-line retailers.

  • To create the ideal conditions for a variety of official and informal meetings aimed at extension of the existing cooperation or making new deals

Who are Summit participants?

"This event is intended for all who have the ambition to grow big!" That is how in 1994, during the debate on the concept of the Summit, Prof. Jiří Jindra responded to a question if the Summit is intended for large or small businesses.

Even after many years such Retail Summit targeting does not lose its sense – it is designed for all participants in retail market, who have the ambition to succeed, develop their business, improve themselves, their company and the market environment. Regardless of the size, form of company ownership, or the environment they operate (brick and mortar of digital world).

Structure of participants of the last Summit


The preparation of Retail Summit is in hands of 2 entities: Czech Confederation of Commerce and Tourism and the company Blue Events, which provides its secretariat and is responsible for financing and organisation of the event.

Our values and principles

A most welcome part of the Retail Summit is the accompanying programme, in particular a Gala evening, with the Mastercard Retailer of the Year Awards.

Retailer of the Year