Key Speakers 2022

March 28–30, 2023 Prague Congress Centre

David Marek, Chief Economist, Deloitte

Topics: For many years, the Czech Republic has been almost a textbook example in terms of macroeconomic stability. However, recently the top student became a pupil with poor grades in several subjects. What must we work on?

BIO: David Marek works at Deloitte as Chief Economist and Director in the Clients & Markets Department. He provides client services in areas using economic analysis, such as valuation, processing of impact studies, economic and statistical analyses, advice on mergers and acquisitions or restructuring. Previously, he worked as an economist at the Czech National Bank, Česká spořitelna and as Chief Economist and Member of the Board of Directors at Patria Finance. He is a member of the Czech Economic Society, the Scientific Council of the Czech Banking Association and an advisor to the Czech Chamber of Commerce.


Miroslav Bárta, world-famous archaeologist and Egyptologist, author of the book Seven Laws: How Civilizations are Born, Grow and Decline

Topics: Long term series of the development of civilizations clearly show that their development is always determined by seven laws. With their knowledge and use, we have a much better chance of mastering today's challenges.

BIO: Prof. Miroslav Bárta, archaeologist and Egyptologist, deals with the problems faced by all civilizations, such as the growth of bureaucracy, the failure of elites, the lack of energy sources, economic crises or the inability to adapt to changes in the natural environment. His latest book, The 7 Laws: How Civilizations Are Born, Grow and Decline, provides an inspiring look at the challenges of today's world. He is also behind the documentary „Civilization“ released in 2022. Since 2009 he has been a professor of Egyptology, he has lectured at many universities (USA – Ivy League, Egypt and Sudan, Europe, Japan, Australia, New Zealand), for Czech and multinational corporations, the US army, OECD in Paris, financial institutions and many others. He cooperates with the General Staff of the Army of the Czech Republic and organizes seminars in the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic. He is the founder of the Complex Society think tank. In 2016, he and the team of experts Publisher a study „Interface“ that predicted the current crisis, including the war in Ukraine.


Peter Hinssen, Founder & Partner of nexxworks, Advisor on radical innovation and digital technologies

Topics: The current ever-changing business environment can be described as "Never Normal". We are experiencing technological, ecological and geopolitical upheavals that are leading to systemic changes. But each of these upheavals also offers opportunities, and we can be inspired by the companies that have seized on them. One of them is Walmart, the world's largest retailer, with whom Peter and his company nexxworks closely cooperate.

BIO: Advisor, entrepreneur, keynote speaker and author, Peter is one of the most sought-after thought leaders on radical innovation, leadership and the impact of all things digital on society and business. He lectures at various business schools such as the London Business School (UK) and MIT in Boston.


Tomáš Prouza, President, SOCR ČR and vicepresident EuroCommerce

Topics: European retail is expecting the investment of hundreds of billions of Euros by the end of 2030. What is their justification? Which areas will be covered? Why is it an existential necessity? How will this affect the market and consumers in our country?

BIO: Tomáš Prouza studied economics, diplomacy and journalism. In 2004–2006 he was a Deputy Minister of Finance of the Czech Republic. He then worked at the World Bank, first as an expert for financial services in Prague, and later at the World Bank headquarters in Washington. In 2014–2017 he worked as a State Secretary for European Affairs at the Office of the Government of the Czech Republic and as a coordinator of the Digital Agenda of the Czech Republic. In 2018 he was elected President of the Confederation of Commerce and Tourism in the Czech Republic and in 2019 he became Vice-President of the European Association EuroCommerce. Since July 2020, he has been the Vice-President of the Czech Chamber of Commerce.


Jannis Samaras, Chief, Kofola ČeskoSlovensko

BIO: Jannis Samaras was born in Czechoslovakia to Greek parents. He still considers his father, Kostas to be his main business model. In 1990 they founded a family business in Krnov, where they later bought a small soda factory from the state enterprise Nealko Olomouc and started producing carbonated drinks. Today, Jannis manages one of the most successful Czech companies, which has achieved, among other things, to revive the traditional Czech brand Kofola. The company gradually gained an irreplaceable and exceptional position on the soft drinks market, but began to develop also other ways. Kofola in CzechoSlovakia includes the UGO chain and its eponymous Freshbars and Salaterias and the traditional producer of herbal mixtures and teas LEROS. The Kofola Group is also expanding the Slovenian and Croatian markets, where is successful in reviving major local brands. Jannis Samaras sees the future primarily in sustainable business, smart and thoughtful innovations. An important characteristic of an entrepreneur is taking responsibility not only for a successful business, but also for taking care of his surroundings, as well as the desire to do things his own way and also to put a piece of himself into his work. And his personal motto? "When you love nature and the people around, there's nothing to worry about. You'll always find a way."


Katarína Navrátilová, Managing Director, Tesco

BIO: Katarína has been working for Tesco since 2000, when she became purchasing coordinator. Since then, she has gone through several positions, which allowed her to learn a lot about the different parts of the business. After several positions in the commercial department, Katarína moved to Turkey, where she took over the role of Sales Director at Tesco - Kipa and at the same time became a member of the Board of Directors. After returning home she became HR Director for Central Europe and a member of the Exec team. She became Product Director for Central Europe and played a key role in building partnerships with the suppliers, enabling to deliver healthy, affordable and sustainable products to customers. She currently holds the position of Chief Executive Officer Czech Republic.


Karel Týra, Managing Director, NielsenIQ

Topics: The Czech retail market has had another year full of turbulent changes. How do we respond to rocketing food prices? Do we limit the amount of goods purchased, do we choose downscale alternatives, buy more private labels, seek out even more promotions or go shopping abroad? Does the behaviour of Czech consumers differ from those in neighbouring countries? How are manufacturers and retailers reacting to the situation and what can we expect in 2023?

BIO: Karel Týra has been managing NielsenIQ's activities in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary for the last few years. He has been active in FMCG market for 17 years. At NielsenIQ, he focused on comprehensive consulting for leading local and international manufacturers and retailers, as well as on special analyses for price optimization and promotions. The company's achievements in recent years were connected with modernization of retail measurement, including online sales and last but not least the development of a unique methodology for "hard data" in the field of gastronomy. NielsenIQ, a company with a hundred-year history, is a global leader in providing comprehensive information about the retail market, consumers and their purchasing behavior.


Stefan Hoppe, CEO, Kaufland Česká republika

Topics: A few years ago, Kaufland in the Czech Republic had a problem with customer acceptance due to a wrongly chosen strategy. It was no wonder: in the case of empty shelves and long queues at service counters and cash registers. With the passage of time, it became clear that this internal crisis was the impetus for change. CEO Stefan Hoppe will share with you the story of how even wrong decisions can start a healing process based on the values on which Kaufland was founded almost 55 years ago.

BIO: He was born in Siegburg, Germany. After studying at the University of Mannheim, he has held various positions in Kaufland, Germany, since 2001, starting from department store manager, Director of Operations or Sales to the Member of the Management and CEO of the Kaufland Süd-West region. Since 2019, he has become the CEO of Kaufland ČR.


Ondřej Bystroň, Head of Retail Design, Czech Promotion

Topics: Are you devouring trends and waiting for breakthrough news that will solve your retail problem? So don't wait. There is nothing like that. A simple solution to a complex problem? We don't have. Retail is changing much slower than we think or would like. But that doesn't mean we can't use what works in the long run.

BIO: He has over 20 years of experience with interior esign and communication, mainly from his work for Ikea. From 2020, he works as Head of Retail Design at Czech Promotion agency. He is responsible for developing retail concepts and POS for clients to help them to achieve set commercial goals and create desired consumer experience. Ondřej is also supporting clients by preparing strategical development of their retail operation and expansion and planning most efficient merchandise presentation to support clients campaigns. All this woudn´t be possible without analysing data to draw conclusions that drive the business and build brand.


Lukáš Havlásek, Web & Innovations Director, Notino

Topics: Notino has always bet on change, which is why the Moravian company has become a pan-European leader and a partner of the world's most famous brands. Notino is constantly growing and changing the beauty and health industry. As the next step to support expansion and simplify the lives of customers, Notino has decided to disrupt the beauty services market. Ordering a hairdresser or manicure will never be the same again. And not only in the Czech Republic, but also in ten more European countries within a year.

BIO: Lukáš Havlásek has been working in ecommerce for 14 years. During that time, dozens of large online projects, both B2C and B2B, have passed through his hands. He helped with the launch and improvement of e-shops for companies such as Sconto, SuperZoo, OfficeDepot, Okay, Moutfield, Prusa3D and others. At Notino, as a Director of Web & Innovations, he is in charge of the e-shop, mobile app and omnichannel in 28 countries.


Martin Dolejš, Business Development Director CZ/SK, Mastercard

BIO: During his five-year tenure at Mastercard, he has been developing key activities to expand card acceptance and digital payments in traditional and non-traditional segments across the Czech and Slovak markets. He builds long-term partnerships with leading retailers to support card payments, increase sales efficiency and increase their revenue. Prior to that, he worked for many years in business development at O2 and at T-Mobile at the beginning of his career.


Barbora Kotoun, Country Sustainability Manager, IKEA CZ/HU/SK

Topics: IKEA aims to be climate-neutral by 2030. It uses the circular economy, in which one of the main projects is the service Second Life of Furniture. This allows customers to offer used furniture back to IKEA via the website. For the purchased furniture, according to the degree of wear, it provides a voucher worth up to half of the original price, then sells it again. Last year, the entire service was digitized, making the service more accessible. Customers have the opportunity to take this furniture to one of 9 dispensing points in the regions they choose in advance. Last financial year, IKEA purchased 6,057 products from 3,222 individual customers. Part of the service is also the donation of furniture to non-profit organizations. At the same time, it is possible to order small spare parts and fasteners for the repair of older furniture that customers want to use free of charge.

BIO: Barbora has been working as a sustainability manager for the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia since 2021. Her main task is to incorporate the Ingka Group's strategic objectives of sustainability and the circular economy into the day-to-day operations of the IKEA brand and its retail chain. IKEA wants to be climate-neutral by 2030 and one of the ways is by applying circular economy principles and waste prevention. She is also an internal ambassador and spokesperson for sustainability issues at IKEA and the Ingka Group. She is responsible for a number of projects, including Second Life of Furniture, which motivate customers to live more sustainably.


Jiří Mareček, Director Public Affairs, Communications & Sustainability, Albert Česká republika

Topics: Food deserves to be used, so Albert is working intensively to reduce food surpluses. Thanks to a well-thought-out activities, their ratio has been below 1.5% of the total volume for several years. Last year, the retailer introduced an even more sophisticated concept – the first zero food waste store, a store where no food is wasted. The hypermarket in Prague's Nové Butovice district develops the mentioned jigsaw puzzle to an even greater extent and complexity. It all starts with an ordering system that works on the basis of knowledge of customer needs and work with big data. Dry steam in the fruit and vegetable section maintains their freshness. Other steps include baking a special sandwich from overripe bananas, discounting goods at the end of the expiration date or a rescue box. Cooperation with food banks and the donation of unsold food to needy people, but also to animal rescue stations, is crucial. A unique novelty is the zero waste canteen, where the chef prepares lunches for the employees of the store and headquarters from food that has not been sold but is suitable for consumption. The last in a series of ways to use unsold food is a composter in the store's background.

BIO: Jiří Mareček has been working in the field of communication and public relations for over fifteen years. He has been in charge of communications and public affairs in Albert for nearly half of that time. For the same time, he has also held the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Albert Endowment Fund. Since last year, he has also served as Director of Sustainability. He has also been professionally involved in this issue and related social responsibility in the past. He studied media studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences of Charles University and began his career in newspapers.


Lukáš Němčík, Head of Marketing and Business Development, Skupina COOP

Topics: In the spring of 2022, the COOP Group opened the first hybrid 24/7 automatic store in Europe – Strakonice, and opened another 3 by the end of the year. This is a unique technical solution created by domestic companies, with the involvement of Bank Identity, which enables age control and thus unlimited sales of goods which is unique at EU level. The innovative hybrid store model is designed to maintain staffed operations for traditional customers and switch to unmanned mode after regular business hours. Thanks to this, greater comfort for the customer is ensured, as well as the improvement of the economy of the store and thus the preservation of business service. The stores are fully stocked with thousands of assortment items, enabling comfortable shopping and offering other additional financial services. The operation of these stores in the regions instead of in Prague, as is often the case with these innovations, is also special.

BIO: Lukáš Němčík graduated from Charles University in Prague and George Washington University in Washington - economics and sociology. He worked hard on development projects and marketing. Since 2011, he has been working in consumer cooperatives COOP (Union of Czech and Moravian Consumer Cooperatives) and is in charge of technological development, promotion and other activities that are being prepared for the COOP store network. In recent times, he has been mainly involved in the field of automatic innovations, online and accompanying business activities in stores. He is also a member of the board of the European organization EuroCOOP and is in charge of international cooperation.


Eva Lacinová, Social Impact Manager, Mastercard

Topics: Supporting small entrepreneurs in digitization is the essence of the Strive Czech Republic program. Its aim is to help the digital functioning of micro and small entrepreneurs across all areas of their business, so that they can focus primarily on their big dreams, visions and ideas.

BIO: Eva is responsible for managing the portfolio of programmes and grants with positive social impact in the Czech Republic and Poland. This includes also the Strive Czechia project and grants to support Ukrainians displaced in Poland. Prior to joining Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth in October 2022, she worked for the United Nations Development Program in Istanbul.


Katarína Kakalíková, Government Engagement Director, Mastercard

Topics: Supporting small entrepreneurs in digitization is the essence of the Strive Czech Republic program. Its aim is to help the digital functioning of micro and small entrepreneurs across all areas of their business, so that they can focus primarily on their big dreams, visions and ideas.

BIO: From its position, she supports governments in digitizing the public sector and various areas of the economy. At the same time, she is responsible for finding and developing new business opportunities in the public sector in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. Prior to joining Mastercard in June 2012, she worked for MEDEF (French Business Confederation), the European Parliament or IBM Slovakia.


Pavel Hrstka, CEO, CityZen

Topics: The story of the CityZen startup begins in 2019, this year it aims for a quarter of a billion with an EBITDA of over 20%. What business model, marketing, logistics, customer care leads to success? We'll also talk about the troubles we've experienced and we'll end it with a look at finances and how we have it set up.

BIO: Pavel is a businessman with many experiences. He graduated from the mechanical engineering faculty of the Technical University in Liberec. He led a well-known internet pharmacy. In CityZen, he holds the position of company director.


Michaela Kloudová, CEO & Co-Founder, No neke

Topics: The pilot project of the first circular mall in Czech Republic, No neke, was built in 56 days. On 120 m2 in Westfield Chodov, customers could buy goods from six categories (fashion, home decor, electronics, children's items, books and e-bikes) during one month. All the goods sold had one thing in common: they were second-hand, or pre-loved. What surprised us when evaluating the pilot phase? And with what were we disappointed? Is it worth to do circular projects in the Czech Republic? We'll show on data.

BIO: Michaela co-founded the first circular mall in the Czech Republic, No neke. In the past, she founded and led the startup Genster, the first online styling service for men, and the Aliments for Children project, which helps single parents earn outstanding alimony. Michaela lectures on entrepreneurship at the University of Economics, Mentors and consults on emerging projects.


Mikuláš Müller, Head Of Industrial Department, Aricoma

Topics: Within the implementation of digital technologies in the retail environment, it is often forgotten that they do not always have to be focused only on customers and the "front" office. They also do not have to require large investments in single-purpose technologies, but can make the most of the existing resources and infrastructure. Aricoma group, together with partners Zebra and Cisco, brings a new perspective on data collection and analysis, which will ultimately streamline internal logistics and human capacities and bring savings where it has a real business impact.


Jan Jindra, Head of Fresh & Ultra-fresh Product Management, makro ČR

Topics: Let's return the Czech harvest to gastronomy! The production and consumption of potatoes in the Czech Republic has been declining for a long time, the Czech variety of garlic is not available in stores all the year round. CZECH FIELD is an initiative that aims to return traditional Czech crops to the fields and plates of restaurants. Makro searches for domestic crops and breeds and connects relevant partners to prepare specific steps for the uplift of traditional Czech agricultural products.


Vlastimil Rasocha, vice-chairman, Czech Potato Association

Topics: Let's return the Czech harvest to gastronomy! The production and consumption of potatoes in the Czech Republic has been declining for a long time, the Czech variety of garlic is not available in stores all the year round. CZECH FIELD is an initiative that aims to return traditional Czech crops to the fields and plates of restaurants. Makro searches for domestic crops and breeds and connects relevant partners to prepare specific steps for the uplift of traditional Czech agricultural products.