Main Topic of Retail Summit 2022

April 4–6, 2022 Prague Congress Centre

Technologies enabled us to accelerate retail and make it more efficient. However, the human aspect should not disappear from it. In contrast to a human being, technologies do not have any opinion. What role does a human have in the era of big data and artificial intelligence? We have a „superpower“ to imagine the world that does not exist yet but we do not use it much.

Computers make conclusions from the past. Unlike them, we can put ideas into new frames and look at them from different perspective. Classical retail has one unexpected advantage: it knows that it must change and provide what online cannot – experience and social interaction. Therefore, new perspectives and solutions do open. Some of them will be shown at Retail Summit 2022.

“We can imagine the future of business and make it happen as we work together in this world of new retail,“ Viktor Mayer-Schönberger, keynote speaker of Retail Summit 2022 claims. This Oxford professor published 13 books. In his most recent bestseller „Framers“, he deals with the topic of how can people improve their decision making in the era of algorithms.

Let´s search for balance between humanity, sustainability and efficiency at Retail Summit 2022.

In 2021 there were almost a thousand attendees and fifty commercial partners. Use the opportunity and get involved!

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