Key Speakers 2020

Feb 3 – 5, 2020 Clarion Congress Hotel Prague
  • Tomáš Prouza, President, Czech Confederation of Commerce and Tourism

    Petra Průšová

    Tomáš Prouza graduated in economics, diplomacy and journalism. In the years 2004 - 2006, he was the Deputy Minister of Finance of the Czech Republic. Then he worked at the World Bank, first as an expert for financial services in Prague, later as a senior expert in Washington. Between 2014-2017 he served as the State Secretary for European Affairs of the Czech Government and he was also the coordinator of digital agenda in the Czech Republic. In 2018 he was elected President of the Czech Confederation of Commerce and Tourism and in mid-2019 he became Vice-President of EuroCommerce.

  • Harjot Singh, Chief Strategy Officer, Europe & UK, McCann Worldgroup

    Tim Mason

    Harjot is innately curious, fascinated by the world, and on a relentless mission to learn, create and make the obvious brilliant. He is most drawn to people who are shaped by their interest in constant discovery, learning, open-mindedness and exploration. An award-winning global strategist, Harjot has lived in 6 countries across 3 continents; working for some of the most famous brands and agencies in the world. He can also make himself understood in 6 languages. As Chief Strategy Officer for McCann Worldgroup in Europe and UK, Harjot leads strategy teams across 25 countries. Under his leadership, McCann Worldgroup has been ranked the most Effective Agency Network in Europe for 3 consecutive years in the Effies, and most recently, European Network of The Year in the Euro Effies. Harjot has judged and spoken at some of the most notable awards shows in the industry including Cannes Lions, The Global, North American and Euro Effies, Adweek Europe, Eurobest, WARC etc.

  • Rodney Collins, SVP, Director, McCann Worldgroup Truth Central

    Roman Janovič

    Rodney Collins is a leading member of MW Truth Central, the global intelligence unit of the world's most creatively effective marketing services company. Committed to the company’s founding Truth Well Told philosophy, Rodney relentlessly strives to uncover human and cultural truths to help brands play a meaningful role in people’s lives. Since 2012, as Director of Truth Central in the UK and Europe, Rodney has designed, managed, and activated global and regional thought leadership initiatives for the McCann Worldgroup network across 38 countries. As a professional anthropologist, Rodney champions the investigation of human practice-in-context with a commitment to the principles of immersive participant-observation. Rodney has field experience in Europe, North & Central Africa, the Middle East, and North & Central America. Throughout, he surfaces deeper cultural and human truths that impact the potential of corporate and brand strategy, innovation, and creative marketing and communications.

  • Richard Siebenstich, Chief Commercial Officer, O2 Czech Republic

    Michal Tomčík

    After graduating in finance from the University of Economics in Bratislava, he held managerial positions at Coca-Cola HBC from 2003 to 2012. In 2012 he joined O2 as a director for brand stores. Since 2013, he has managed all sales channels, and was subsequently also Director of Marketing Communication and Online. Since 2018, Richard Siebenstich has been managing the whole Commercial Division of O2, which includes all distribution channels, marketing communications and online, segment marketing, and residential and corporate customer relationship management.

  • Romana Duníková, Commercial Director, Nielsen

    Miroslav Lukeš

    Romana has been with Nielsen for 15 years. During this time she held various positions within the client department, both at the analytical and consulting level and at the managerial level. Since 2018, she has been working as a commercial director, covering not only relationships with many local and global FMCG manufacturers and distributors, but also managing teams of consumer research and advanced data solutions.

  • Wijnand Jongen, Chairman of Executive Committee, Ecommerce Europe

    Martin Veselovský

    Wijnand Jongen has been the voice of digital commerce for over 20 years. He is founder and CEO of the Dutch e-commerce association and co-founder of Ecommerce Europe, the European umbrella organization with more than 75,000 (online) shops as its members. His work has guided him through several sales, consultancy and management positions in the Netherlands and the United States.

    He is the bestselling author of the book ‘The End of Online Shopping: the future of retail in an always connected world’, currently translated in 10 languages and released in 20+ countries. Wijnand is a highly sought-after keynote speaker at international conferences.

  • Jagoda Trąbińska, Vice President of Business Development, Synerise

    Andrej Babiš

    Experienced Executive with Business Development, working with top brands for Sales & Marketing innovation projects like AI, Cloud, Digital Marketing. Strong leader with a proven track record in business performance improvement. Throughout professional career, Jagoda has been responsible for managing portfolios of tech ventures and big data products for the corporations. Focused on helping to achieve breakthrough growth throughout the rapidly changing new challenges in the digital world. Combines expertise with financial & retail to bring and support leading-edge solutions and ecosystems. Entrepreneur focused around the technology partnerships, innovation to support & engaging an enterprise & the start-ups.

  • Fred Bosch, CEO, COOP Supermarkten Nederland

    Andrej Babiš

    Fred Bosch has worked for Coop Netherlands for 16 years. He studied Business Economics at a Higher Professional Business Education School, followed by Accountancy at the University of Amsterdam. His professional career in several financial/audit roles was initiated at EY Amsterdam and continued in EY Arnhem until 2003. He joined Coop as CFO in 2003 and was appointed Chief Executive in 2008. In addition, Fred is board member of Superunie, a Dutch joint buying cooperative society and board member of the Dutch food retail industry bureau (CBL). Until recently, he also was board member of EuroCoop, a Brussels based society that enhances the shared interests of consumer co-operatives across Europe.

  • Alena Střížová, Executive Manager, dm drogerie markt ČR

    Miroslav Hošek

    At the beginning of the year 1996, she joined the company dm Drogerie Markt, seated in České Budějovice, as a regional manager. A year later, she took over the regional responsibility for company operations, and became a member of the board of dm Czech Republic, since 1999 as the company's prosecutor. Since 2003 she holds also the position of the head of the Department of Human Resources and actively participates in the education and development of dm employees, especially in operations. For five years she was the company ombudsman, too.

  • Michal Čarný, CEO Mastercard CR/SR

    Dana Zadražilová

    Michal Čarný has got many years of experience in creating and implementing company strategies. After studying economics and strategy at the University of Chicago and the London School of Economics and Political Science, he worked at Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, where he led consulting projects focusing on financial services and the telecommunications sector. In 2016 he moved to Mastercard, where he was responsible for the preparation and implementation of the strategy for consumer and corporate products in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria. Since September 2019, he was appointed Director-General of Mastercard in the Czech and Slovak Republics.

  • Jannis Samaras, Chief, Kofola

    Tomáš Drtina

    Jannnis is the Czech entrepreneur who was born in Czechoslovakia to Greek parents with a business spirit. Till nowadays Jannis still considers his father Kostas his main good business model. In 1990 they founded a family business in Krnov, bought a small soda plant from the state-owned enterprise Nealko Olomouc and started to produce soft carbonated drinks. In 2002, the company bought the trademark Kofola and the original Kofola drink recipe from Ivax and the company name in the Czech Republic and Slovakia changed to Kofola a.s. From a small family business, Kofola has become one of the leading soft drink producers in Central Europe. Today, Kofola ČeskoSlovensko operates in 5 European markets and continues not only to revitalize and develop traditional and local brands, but also to expand its portfolio further.

  • Kateřina Harris, Marketing Director, Albert Czech Republic

    Tomáš Drtina

    Katka Harris joined Albert team in April 2017 as a Marketing Director. Katka is an experienced professional with more than twenty years of skills in marketing and a wide range of successes in various companies. She gained a strong experience from FMCG industry, where she worked for eleven years in Danone and Mars companies in various marketing positions within the Czech Republic and Europe.

    In 2012 Kateřina joined Stock Plzeň Božkov, who is a leading producer of spirits, as the marketing director for the Czech and Slovak markets. She significantly contributed to the company's success by developing and introducing new brands and enhancing performance of existing portfolio.

  • Petr Pavlík, Senior Vice-President - Marketing, Format, Merchandising, Albert Czech Republic

    Tomáš Drtina

    Petr Pavlík has been with Albert since 2016 as a Senior Vice President Marketing, Format & Merchandising. Before joining Albert, he held the position of CEO at Stock Plzeň Božkov, and from 2010 to 2014 he also served as the President of the Union of Producers and Importers of Spirits in the Czech Republic. He previously worked at Reckitt Benckiser as CEO for Belgium and Luxembourg and later as a global director of the category. He began his career with Procter and Gamble, where he worked 10 years in various positions in sales and trade marketing.

  • Tomáš Čupr, CEO,

    Tomáš Drtina

    Tomas is an innovative start-up entrepreneur. In 2010, he founded the buying platform Slevomat, which is now a leader in online sales of discounted goods and services in 7 CEE countries. In 2012 Tomáš founded, developed and successfully sold the food delivery platform Dame jidlo. Since 2014, he has been involved in the development of online food sales. He founded Rohlí, that has over 200,000 customers and its turnover is nearly 5 billion CZK per year. Currently, he is expanding to Hungary with an online supermarket and is preparing to launch this business also in other territories.

  • Lukáš Havlásek, CEO, Shopsys

    Zdeněk Skála

    Lukáš Havlásek is CEO of Shopsys, a leading Czech e-commerce development company based in Ostrava, which employs more than 70 professionals. Over the past 12 years, he has managed hundreds of online projects - from smaller ones to the biggest B2B and B2C solutions. His domain is business consulting and project and process management, which he regularly lectures at conferences and universities. He also stands behind the award-winning EXEC magazine, which helps e-commerce managers with strategic decision-making.